About us

The Hanswahini Institute of Science & Technology (Poly.) founded by Surendra Educational Society for providing finest technical education to the students. The sister concern of Hanswahini Institute of Science & Technology (Poly.) the Hanswahini Business School which is affiliated to Uttar Pradesh State Board of Technical Education Lucknow, and has achieved various landmarks in field of technical education since last 20 years. Continuing it Hanswahini Institute of Science & Technology (Poly.) ALLAHABAD received accreditation and affiliation from AICTE NEW DELHI and Uttar Pradeh State Board of Technical Education Lucknow.

The campus is located near the Allahabad city, landscaped stunningly to create a peace of mind and make the environment academically inductive. It is situated in Naini (near ITI Company) Allahabad. The Institute has five academic departments in various disciplines of engineering and, with nearly 22 laboratories organized in a unique pattern of functioning.

The institute is pioneer in the field of technical education in Allahabad. The institution holds an exceptional position in the field of diploma engineering education due to its excellent teaching method and discipline. The institute not only provides best technical education to its students but also it focuses all-round personality development of its students through its multi-dimensional program like seminar, debate, competitive activities, sports, tour and cultural activities.  The Hanswahini institutes works on the motto of holistic education of its students. Hence every measure is taken that their progress does not remain constrained to the classrooms. Ample scope for extracurricular activities along with classroom syllabus keeps the student at par with the best of the institutes.  Special care is given to the courses of the student which demand industrial trainings and visit. We provide the perfect opportunity for the students to gain hands on experience and getting to know the grooves of the industry.

At Hanswahini we believe in taking the course of progress in the fields of technology to the pinnacle. Hence our motto remains nurturing the young minds today, who will create history tomorrow and build our society and nation strong.